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Whether your pooch needs a summer cut, a special creative styling or just a bath and nail trim you can count on our experienced staff to make your dog look and feel their best. We will work with you to determine a grooming package that will help your furry friend leave with a style that suits both them and you.

And as always at All About Pets, your pets comfort and stress free experience is our priority. 

All grooming services include:

*Bath with a shampoo of your choice

* Fluff dry

* Ear cleaning and plucking

* Nail trimming

Additional Services:

* First Puppy Groom: a gentle exposure to the sounds and sensations of the grooming routine. It's important for your new pup to have a calm and comfortable first experience.

* Deshedding: for double coated breeds (way less hair on your floors!!)

* Nail filing: to smooth the rough edges after a nail clip.

* Doggie Facials: a different scent for every season!

* Cat grooming

And remember!! Regular grooming isn't just for good looks, it's important for maintaining your pets overall health.

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